Flood Prevention Specialists !

H2O Services is a City of Toronto licensed Drainage Contractor. We are the only full service Residential Stormwater Management Organization (RSMO) dedicated to reducing the risk of basement flooding while protecting the environment. We offer free property assessments to determine the feasibility of installing a backwater valve, a sump pump systems, a lot grading solution and internal/external waterproofing.

Over the last 17 years, the issue of basement flooding in urban areas has become one disaster after another. Insurance companies have recorded exponential increases in claims related to water damage. At the same time, cities and municipalities work overtime to rebuild our aging underground sewer infrastructure. Because of this new reality, Ontario Building codes have been amended to incorporate backwater valves and sump pump systems in all new buildings. The subsidies are designed to assist homeowners with the cost of the upgrades.

H2O Services has been creating solutions through awareness, education, and exceptional installation services since 2014. Today, we are leaders in the installation of backwater valves and sump pump systems. We have over 30 years of drain experience in Toronto, we have highly trained Flood Prevention Specialist, Skilled Drains Layers, Installers and Customer Services Professionals makes H2O Services uniquely positioned to help you demystify the process of retrofitting your home with these flood mitigation devices and services.

H2O Services is committed to delivering a customer service experience second to none, and we do! All our customers are informed because we keep them in the loop by explaining everything we do before we do it. We are committed because we don’t cut and run. Exclusive to H2O Services, all backwater valve installation comes with a FREE 12 months’ inspection service. Additionally, we offer complete drain maintenance programs to ensure your continued piece of mind!

We are proud of our success because it makes a happy customer! Whether it’s a simple Downspout Disconnection Solution (DDS), a complicated Lot Grading Service Solution (LGSS) or a cramped crawl space needing a Sump Pump System Solution (SPSS) we are always creating value to protect your property. We are working hard, everyday, to help homeowners create a safer more flood resistant space.


Passionately Committed and Expert Team With Proven Track-Record

Director : Wayne Nesbeth

Wayne Nesbeth – Director, City of Toronto Licensed Contractor, City of Toronto Licensed Drain Layer, and Flood Prevention Specialist with 30 Years of Customer Service Experience. Wayne is driven to excellence by his dedication to quality service in all he does.  Over the last 5 years Wayne has worked in the plumbing field with companies Bosco Home Services and Regional Stormwater Management. During that time,  Wayne has helped thousands of homeowner protect their homes from devastation of  basement flooding in Toronto.

Drains Technician Specialist : Robert Trollope

Robert Trollope – Area Coordinator, Drains Technician and Flood Prevention Specialist with over 30 years of experience here in Toronto.  Bob is direct, no nonsense and he is a master technician.  Bob never misses a locate.  Bob can tell the type of soil, based on the area of Toronto you are in, that's how much he knows about the underground infrastructure in Toronto.