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We pull the Permit(s), we do the install, we coordinator building inspection, we clean up, and we Prepare Subsidy Application Forms… we make this complicated project simple!

Sump Pump Systems

We only install the best commercial grade products like this Liberty 441 Battery Backup Sump Pump System. Piece of mind protection during a potential power outage!


We do all size underground drain pipe inspections, repairs, replacements, including upgrading drinking water service line to ¾” or 1” copper.

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H2O Services is a City of Toronto licensed Drainage Contractor. We are the only full service Residential Stormwater Management Organization (RSMO) dedicated to reducing the risk of basement flooding while protecting the environment. We offer free property assessments to determine the feasibility of installing a backwater valve, a sump pump systems, a lot grading solution and internal/external waterproofing.

Over the last 17 years, the issue of basement flooding in urban areas has become one disaster after another. Insurance companies have recorded exponential increases in claims related to water damage. At the same time, cities and ........ Read more

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